I trained for races before – following other programs on the internet.  But the training was static and tedious, the races stressful and difficult, and my race times lackluster. 

 I enlisted Coach Phil to get my 10K time to under 50 minutes and to get me back into shape.  I was running 11 minute miles and a mile running left me out of breath. 

 The program was easy to follow and challenging.  I was never bored with any week of training since it was always changing.  Coach Phil always explained what the goal of the week was – whether it was building my stamina or increasing my speed. 

 The results were phenomenal.  I had never run a sub-nine minute mile.  But within three months, I was doing mile repeats at a 8:40 pace.  After four months, I ran a 10K faster than I had ever before – clearing my previous time by nearly eight minutes.  And by mentally challenging me during training, the race felt good – not stressful or difficult like my previous races. 

 The speed workout combined with the long runs and base training have made me into a fitter woman – and to top it all off, I took nearly 25 pounds off my frame. 

 Not only did Coach Phil’s program keep me interested, Coach Phil himself kept me motivated by checking in with me almost daily, making sure I was sticking with the training and whether I needed any modifications to the program.  He was available to take questions and to give me advice about my race so that I could pace myself accordingly. 

 Bottom line: anyone serious about improving their running should enlist Coach Phil.  I know I will be using him for all my future races. 

Dominique A., Los Altos, CA


I began working with Coach Philippe 10 months before the 2008 Olympic Trials. I have been a competitive race walker since 1992, but decided to take some time off after the 2004 Olympic Trials. I decided I wanted to give it another shot at making a US Team, so I turned to Philippe to get me back into shape. With his training, I saw amazing results in my strength, endurance, speed and agility. In my 20 years of training, I had never felt stronger or healthier. I especially benefitted from his specific V02 max workouts and conditioning workouts…they were fun but challenging!  I managed to break my long-standing 5000 meter personal record from 23:15 to 22:57.  After a 3 year hiatus from training and racing, with Philippe’s workouts, I qualified for the Olympic Trials in the 20km race walk and placed 3rd in the country. I also competed in the 2008 World Cup in Russia, finishing 1st for the Americans.

Philippe is passionate about each and every athlete he coaches and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He is very approachable and positive and not only is he concerned performance, he is also genuinely concerned with the overall well-being of his athletes.  I can honestly say that Philippe is the best coach I have worked with. 

 Susan Armenta, 3rd at 2008 Olympic trials in 20km Race Walking




« After not having run for a few years, I needed a coach who could motivate and help me get back into shape.

Coach Phil’s training not only allowed me to progress at my optimal pace without injuries, but also helped me to improve my personal best.  Even though the training was remote, he was always available to respond to any of my questions, and he adapted my training according to my feedback.  I highly recommend Coach Phil’s training for all levels from beginners to serious runners. »

 Richard L., Austin, TX




My name is Zafer and I coach U13 and U14 soccer girl teams called Olympic America. I enlisted the help of coach Phil to improve the physical conditioning of my teams.

Coach Phil put a yearly program for my teams and was instrumental in improving the performance of the team. Not only was the program effective in improving the physical condition of players but it was also very soccer focused and fun for players participating.

 If you’re looking to improve athletes performance in any sport, reach out to coach Phil. He knows how to build a custom program for any sport.


Coach Zafer, Santa Clara, CA


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