Steps for training online

  1. Please read first our “Term of use” at the top of the page
  2. Pick your program:

It’s never easy to pick a program; with Coach Phil Online you have several choices; from customized programs to personal coaching, Coach Phil Online provides a wide variety of training logs and training solutions.

 You can be a Track or a Cross-country runner, a marathoner or half-marathoner, a road racer preparing for a 5k or a 10k, a Race walker, or even an athlete looking to improve his overall and specific shape in his sport event (Distance runner, Race Walker, Sprinter, Jumper, Football, Soccer, Basket-ball, Volley-ball, Rugby)Coach Phil Online will build up a program adapted to your level of fitness and goal(s).

 Plus, you will benefit from a wide range of services and tips depending on the program you picked up.

 Feel free to contact me if you don’t have a clue of what kind of service could be provided to you.

 Email me.

  1. Pay online:

You will need a credit card or simply a Paypal account; just follow the guidelines.

  1. Receive a questionnaire after payment:

After signing up, you will receive a questionnaire concerning your training and running history, along with tips (in PDF format) to fill it out. The more you will answer, the more accurate will be my analysis of your training routine and running background.

  1. Fill the questionnaire

The idea is to gather as much information from you concerning your training habits and racing/running history.

I will also know what your goal is.

It is a very important step as it will give me an insight about your running life schedule

  • How many times a week, do you want to run?
  • When can you have your long run?
  • What day can you run the key workouts?
  • What are your best performances in order to design a training speed profile from this information
  1. Email me back the Questionnaire: with the information collected from your answers, I will build your program using gradual and progressive training until race day and targeted goal.
  1. Receive the first week’s training, tips and heads up the next Monday after receiving your answers from the questionnaire. Then the following week, you will receive the remaining program.
  2. You are ready to go!!!



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